Personal – Procedures

PROC. Personnel 500.1 GBEBA: Staff – HIV, AIDS and HBV Procedure

PROC. personnel 500.3 GCDA/GDDA-AR: Criminal Records Checks/Fingerprinting Procedures

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.4 EHS: Whistleblower

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.5 GAB: Job Descriptions


PROC. PERSONNEL 500.7 GBCA-AR: Staff Religious Dress Procedures

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.9 GBNA-AR: Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation. Bullying/Menacing,
or Cyberbullying Reporting Procedures – Staff

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.10 GCAB: Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media – Staff Procedures

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.11 GCN/GDN: Evaluation of Staff Procedure

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.11b Core Teaching Standards Procedure

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.12 Veterans’ Preference

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.13 GBDA: Mother Friendly Workplace Procedures

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.14 GBEC: Drug-Free Workplace Procedure

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.15 GBN/JBA: Sexual Harassment

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.15a GBN/JBA: Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.15b GBN/JBA: Federal Law (Title IX) Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.18 GCBDC/GDBDC: Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault, Stalking Leave Procedures

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.19 Sick Time Procedures

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.20 Staff Complaints

PROC.PERSONNEL 500.21 Staff Development – Licensed Procedure

PROC.PERSONNEL 500.22 Discipline and Dismissal of Staff Procedure

PERSONNEL 500.23 Internet-Sourced Crowdfunding Solicitation Procedure

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.24 GBEB: Communicable Diseases – Staff Procedure

PROC.PERSONNEL 500.27 GBEA: Workplace Harassment Reporting and Procedures

PROC. PERSONNEL 500.28 COVID-19 Related Leave Procedures

PROC.PERSONNEL 500.30 Retirement of Staff Procedure